About us

Black Par­rot Records was found­ed in 2019 when we, a young, vibrant and pas­sion­ate team, found the per­fect loca­tion to make our dream of an own stu­dio come true. After invest­ing some time and love into arrang­ing and final­iz­ing our cre­ative space the way we want­ed it, it was final­ly time to reach for the stars.

We are striv­ing to become your “go to” stu­dio in town. Our team mem­bers come from dif­fer­ent gen­res and there­fore have valu­able input and the abil­i­ty to look at your project from dif­fer­ent angles.

Our exper­tise goes from song­writ­ing to record­ing to mix­ing and mas­ter­ing. We can also help you get your music published.

Stay true

Whether you need help in turn­ing lyrics or a melody into a full song, your band wants to record a sin­gle or an album, or you need help find­ing the per­fect sound for your project — we are here for you. ❤️ We promise to sup­port you stay­ing true to your­self when it comes to YOUR projects.

Our Services

blackparrot records vienna wien recording


We have a ful­ly equipped stu­dio to record in high qual­i­ty and are hap­py to offer you all the main instru­ments, such as sev­er­al gui­tars, an e‑drum set, an e‑piano & ana­log synths. If you pre­fer play­ing your own instru­ment, feel free to just bring them along. Let’s make some noise!

blackparrot records vienna wien


We are using the Allen & Heath SQ 6 con­sole to record and mix but also got an ana­log Allen & Heath con­sole, an ana­log Stu­diomas­ter, as well as ana­log out­board gear. Main­ly, we are using the DAW Log­ic Pro X to record, edit and mix songs.

blackparrot records vienna wien mastering 2


Your songs need to be finalised in loud­ness and qual­i­ty before putting them out there in the wild. Espe­cial­ly if it is an EP or album, they need to be of the same qual­i­ty to fit togeth­er. We will get your songs on high-end level.

blackparrot records vienna wien publishing


We are able to dig­i­tal­ly pub­lish your songs to var­i­ous stream­ing ser­vices, such as Spo­ti­fy, Apple Music and many oth­ers. We also have con­nec­tions to cov­er artists/grapic design­ers to do all the art­sy fart­sy mag­ic that your pub­li­ca­tion needs.

We are work­ing on cre­at­ing the black­par­rot label to do all the con­cert plan­ning, adver­tis­ment and mer­chan­dise cre­ation for you.

If you are inter­est­ed, shoot us an email!


blackparrot records studio vienna wien drums


  • Mil­le­ni­um MPS-850 E‑Drum Set
  • Elek­tron Digitakt
  • Korg Vol­ka Beat
blackparrot records studio vienna wien guitars


  • Fend­er Tele­cast­er MIM09
  • Epi­phone Sheraton-II
  • Gretsch Stream­lin­er G2622T TG Bigsby
  • Gretsch G2210
  • sev­er­al elec­tric and acoustic Guitars


  • VOX AC10C1 Custom
  • Mar­shall Ori­gin 5c Combo
  • Mar­shall Valves­tate vs102r
  • Fend­er Side­kick Reverb 30
blackparrot records studio vienna wien mic


  • AKG C414 EB 
  • AKG C414 ULS (Matched Pair)
  • AKG SE 300 B (Pair)
  • Sennheis­er Evo­lu­tion e906
  • Sennheis­er MD421-II 
  • Audio Tech­ni­ca AT 4033
  • Shure SM57 

and many more

Other stuff we use


  • Roland Juno 106
  • Moog Grand­moth­er
  • Arturia Micro­Brute
  • Behringer Mod­el D
  • Nova­tion xiosynth 49


  • Neu­mann KH120
  • Yama­ha HS8

Outboard Gear

  • Klark Teknik LA-2A
  • Klark Teknik DN27A Graphig Equalizer
  • Lex­i­con MX200
  • DBX 166 xs Compressor
  • DBX 231s Graph­ic EQ
  • Höf Audio Dynam­ic Master

and more

Mixing Desks

  • Allen & Heath SQ‑6
  • Allen & Heath MixWiz­ard WZ 16:2
  • Stu­diomas­ter Ana­log 24

Still got questions?

shoot us an email