Leni is a 20 year old singer and songwriter, currently living in Worms, Germany. She has been into music since she was a little girl and though it all started with piano lessons, she gave up on them after some years because she was more interested in free interpretations of songs than the sheet music itself.
She started singing when she was about twelve years old, inspired by the artist “Birdy”. She fell in love with the song “People help the People” and often sang it along.
Later, in 2019, she started performing her own songs to a few friends. One year later she played her song “Sag mir wieso” live in front of a larger audience.
All of her songs are written in German because each one of them describes her thoughts and feelings. It is important to her that they come down on paper genuinely and untranslated.

"Sag mir wieso" is her first professionally recorded song.


Single, 2020

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