Nick Johnson, an Austrian music-producer, singer/songwriter and co-founder of the Vienna-based label “Black Parrot Records“ has just released his debut single “Friday Nights“.

He started playing the guitar when he was a kid, later on found his passion in singing. When he was just 15 years old, he started producing his first tracks after discovering a music production program on his first laptop, which he was given by his uncle, who is also a sound engineer.

Nick Johnson thinks he was born in the wrong decade because of his huge admiration for 80's music. His debut single was inspired by 80's pop-tracks and is based on analoge instruments, such as the Juno 106.

Musically-wise, he manages to make you feel like you were part of the 80’s just by giving you the “good old vibes“ with his energetic drum-beats, vintage synth & guitar sounds and his unique voice.

After being a producer for several artists over the last few years he has decided to produce his own music and is very delighted to put his music out there for the world to be heard.


Single, 2022

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Single, 2021

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